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If you're wondering how to get more YouTube views, this is it!

Get more views on your YouTube videos to rank higher on YouTube & Google search results.

  • 70-90% retention
  • No password needed
  • Improves ranking
  • Fast processing
  • 24/7 support
YouTube Video Views
― 70-90% Retention Views
― Delivered in 2-15 Days
― Worldwide Audience
― Improves Video Ranking
― Delivery at 10-50k /day
― Up to 1 million per video

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DigiMaxPro Lifetime Guarantee!

Your order is covered by the DigiMaxPro Lifetime Guarantee. The services we provide are permanent, but if any fans are lost over time, we will replace them free of charge!

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Are these real views?

We never use scripts, bots, proxies, or any software. We are a reputable company with an advertising network of over 1.3 million people, and we only use valid marketing methods. Therefore, your video will be watched by real people.

When will the views increase?

This depends on the service, small packages are usually delivered within 1-4 days, and larger packages can take 4-12 days. Views begin to increase as soon as the campaign is started, but YouTube takes 24-48 hours to update the counters, especially of the video is brand new.

Do you need account access?

No we do not need access to your account. Simply provide us with your video/channel URL and we will do the rest.

What countries will the views come from?

From all over the globe, however we mostly try to keep western countries.

Will anyone find out?

We would never share any of your information without your consent. Even if we would like to post your feedback on our website, we would ask for your permission first.

It's been 24 hours already!

If you've waited for 24 hours and your views have not increased, most likely YouTube is taking extra time to update your video counter. However, if it's been 48 hours, please get in touch with us.

Do you offer geo-targeted YouTube views?

At this moment we can only offer French targeted views because of high activity on our advertising network from France. Otherwise, we can only deliver worldwide views, but we aim to focus on western countries. We are also working on a new platform to deliver targeted views from UK, USA, Canada and Australia. However, the exact date is unknown.

Will my video get removed?

We've been in the industry for years and to this day have not received any complaints from our customers indicating that their video was removed.

We always aim to deliver quality services, even if that compromises our pricing competitiveness. We value our reputation and over the years have worked with fortune 500 companies and VEVO artists such as Ariana Grande.

Can my video go viral?

Of course it can, any video could go viral. Please note that there are 2 types of viral effects: ‘Fake’ viral effect: If the author of the video hired a marketing company and pays for all the views. Even if the video receives millions of views each day, they are all paid for and were generated by a company. These campaigns will look viral to other people, though they are very expensive.

‘Real’ viral effect: This purely depends on the video. No type of promotion would ‘make’ people want to share a video, unless if the video itself was created by a marketing company. Therefore, you can promote your video until it reaches 1,000 views and it will then reach millions by itself, or promote it until 5 million but it won’t get any higher than that. Remember, to get a ‘viral’ effect people must want to share the video with others. If they won't feel like sharing it, your video won't go viral. Remember “Kony 2012”. It received over 80 million views within a few days. Because everybody wanted to share it.

If you ask yourself; why do I need to use promotion if this won’t get my video viral. Well, if you believe that your video has a potential to go viral, then using promotion would definitely get you a kickstart. We will spread your video until it reaches a certain number of views, and this would definitely save you a lot of time. After promoting your video, it might go viral a lot quicker than if you waited for it to be discovered on its own.

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